002Bro. Freddy Peter (54 years), is a member of Veli Brethren Assembly, Trivandrum. He works in VSSC  (Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre) as a casual labourer. He has not been feeling well for quite some time and was taking treatment from ESI Hospital. Though he was there for five days, they could not diagnose the disease and referred to Trivandrum Medical College for further check up and treatment. Even though he continued there for 20 days, they also  could not diagnose the disease and advised to go to C.M.C. Hospital, Vellore. Since it is beyond their ability, they took him to KIMS Hospital, Trivandrum where his daughter works as a Nurse for further advice. After four days, the concerned doctor (haematologist) told them that this is a rare disease of haematology,  perhaps the fifth in the world, advised them to go to Vellore, if they can manage.  Consulted another allopathy/homoeo doctor, who informed  that there is no medicine in allopathy for this disease. He gave a course of homoeo medicine on a trial basis. He is from a very poor financial background and need saints fervent prayer support.

He developed some more problem and as advised by KIMS doctor, was taken to CMC Vellore to identify the blood clotting factor problem. There are twelve factors  to clot blood and he got a problem with factor ten (10) and the disease is perhaps ‘Amyloidosis’. To investigate further a biopsy is to be taken from the stomach after administering ‘Seiba 10’ injection. A minimum dose of three is required to start the investigation. This medicine is available in the Government Karunya Pharmacy at a subsidized rate of Rs. 75,000/- (for three injections). They wait upon the Lord for  necessary provision and thank everyone who were remembering him at the Throne of Grace.

For more details, contact him/his family on mobile +91-9846312824.
Let us uphold this dear brother to the Throne of Grace for heavenly intervention, grace and complete recovery.
Update Sent By Bro. M.K. Mathew, Trivandrum

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