Molly Jacob, Ex Kuwait: Promoted To Glory


Molly Jacob, 66, was promoted to Glory around 11.30 PM on 28 May 2014. Molly and Appu (Jacob Thomas) worked in Kuwait before they came and settled at Thiruvalla.

She suffered a left-side stroke a few months ago, followed by a right-side stroke a few months after that. While she did recover partially from the first stroke, the second one left her very weak and unable to swallow food or breathe easily.

Details of the funeral will be announced shortly.

She is survived by her Husband Jacob Thomas and three married sons Tony (Kuwait), Rony (Australia), Dony (Australia). Kindly pray for the family that is facing the grief of separation.

Molly chechi was the oldest among 8 siblings. I married Santha, the fourth one from that family, and that is how she became my chechi. Among the sisters, Molly Chechi was the best and we used to call her a Saint.

She was the eldest daughter of Late Mr. KV Kuriakose and Mrs. Baby Kuriakose. Baby Kuriakose is 84 and is known for her many years of active writing for women and also for her heart-touching Bible classes. Kindly pray that she might be able to bear this news with courage.

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