Did You Know This About India?

India002The gospel came to India in AD 50 when St. Thomas the doubting disciple arrived here with a caravan of sea-based business-men. He brought a copy of the Gospel of Mathew with him. The Christian faith has been strong in India small or large measure or large ever since.

The commitment to fundamentals of Scripture and evangelism waxed and waned in the next 2000 years. That is because looters from the western borders of India kept invading and subjugating major parts of India for the next 1900 years. Some of them were tolerant, most were brutal. This in turn affected the church and its evangelistic outreaches.

The late 1800s and 1900s brought the modern missionary era. Numerous missionaries, mission agencies, and other mission-related activities came to India during this period. Modern printing press entered India as a result of modern western missionary efforts. The arrival letter-press electrified Indians because there was always a group of (upper caste) Indians who were devoted to reading and writing. Millions of hand-written and hand-copied books were produced in India before the invention and eventual arrival of printing presses in India.

Thus the moment printing presses reached India, the number of Christian and secular books available to the common man increased. This in turn gave a yearning to many to learn to read and write and that yearning had a great impact upon literature evangelism. In spite of high illiteracy, there are at least 500 million Indians who are highly literate and who can be reached with literature. Please do pray for the evangelistic activities going on among them.



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  1. Dr Ley
    March 16, 2015 at 9:59 pm

    I would love to see more posts like this one. I would truly enjoy reading much more about the history of Christianity in India. I have always been curious but the pertinent reading materials seem to be very sparse. In fact, the material is usually very brief and nonspecific. I would even enjoy taking a course or two on the history of the church in India. I have been able to ascertain that the history is quite interesting, tragic, and inspirational.

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