Evangelist Richard Daniel, Haryana

2014Brother Richard Daniel has been serving the Lord, along with his family, in Kalka, Haryana for the last four years. He was commended to the ministry by the Believers Assembly in Ambala. They now have worship meeting, gospel meeting, Sunday school, Bible studies, and prayer meetings every week. There are 15 people in the gathering and there are many contacts who look promising.

Both our brother as well as his wife are active in person-to-person witnessing and their work extends to slums and surrounding villages.They live in rented accommodation, paying Rs. 5000 a month. The son is a college level student, and the daughters are senior school students. However, our brother now finds it difficult to educate his children properly. So much so that his youngest child had to be taken out of school and placed as a ‘private’ student.

He was commended unto full-time ministry in 2009 by the Ambala Assembly, but so far none of the gospel funds has started supporting him. This means that believers need to give special consideration to support this family.

  • Here are the prayer-points for this family
  • Proper education of Children
  • God’s blessings and provision for the family
  • Various ministries in which our brother and sister are involved

Behind Railway Workshop Bharat Bajar
Tehsil kalka distt panchkula
Pin 133302 Haryana, India
Mob: 9034199575
Email: richarddaniel135@gmail.com

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  1. April 18, 2016 at 4:28 pm

    Dear Brother / Sister: Greetings in Christ Our Lord. I belongs to Brethren/ Evangelical,. In 1976 when I am in High School Final(10th Class) Went to Summer Bible School. With Sports and Games preacher taught on Exodus of Israel in Bible came through 12 Chapter, Passover lamb, that indicates Our Lord Jesus Christ, Who He Slain, to redeem us from Bondage of sin and Slavery of Satan. Holy-Spirit Worked In me, Confessed my Sins at Him with tears, Accepted Lord Jesus as My Saviour, After came to, church, testimony Given , taken Baptism in River. This is my salvation Experience. With studies, Lord Used me His testimony among Youth and Sunday School, and Church. Studied Upto graduation in Arts, B.A., and Diploma in Civil Engineering DCE, from the beginning of My Spiritual Journey, Lord calling me to Fulltime Ministry. Asked Him Give Opportunity to do Job for 2 Years , get the job in Construction,As supervisor, After at the age 30, Obeyed to His Ministry.Dedicated In 1990, Get the Married in
    same Year.. Dedicated to Lord’ Ministry. I am Paster, Evangelist, Prison-chaplain( In India Government gives some Hours to say ethics to Prisoners with that We proclaiming Gospel) No Payment (Every year We have to renew the Permission for Prison) Now I get Permission, Doing since 17 Years. . Have the family , Wife is Annie, She Is In also in fulltime evangelistic ministry. Working among Women and Children. We have two Children, Beulah and Prizy. They are in studies. , For Prayer and F Fellowship I am mailing to you Ministries: 1. Have Small Church, in that Teaching Word of God, Preaching Gospel 2. Prayer cells 3. Home Bible studies 4. Evangelism to individual and Groups and at large 5. Sports ministry 6. Prison Evangelism, 7. Tribal Gospel tours 8. Youth Retreats 9 . Sunday School 10 Sunday School teachers Training 11.Reaching the Un reached, , Outreaches in villages and Towns around . Preaching Gospel with Mega-Phone in Streets and Distributing Tracts, With Assembly Programmes on-
    going12.Showing Mercy Upon Food Begging People by Giving Chacolats, Conducting Like Sunday School. Distributing Old Clothes( Collected )to Old and Needy..13. Help the Poor and Needy. We ready to Serve Christ on Behalf of Him, To anybody and Church and Group.By Above methods. . I Declare that All Above Written is True and Correct in the Sight of God and me. Thank you, Your’ in Christ, Bro. Paul Raju Address: Bro.Prathipati Paul Raju, Evangelist, prison-Chaplain, Bethesda GDM Christian Assembly , Old town, At Pond, H. No.15-20-8, Opp.NTR park Gate, TANUKU-534211, Andhra State, INDIA. Phone: +91 9701707987, +91 8819-227063, e-mails:prathipatipaulraju@gmail.com prathipatipaulraju@ymail.com Preview Youtube video of grace Gospel By Prathipati Paul Raju and R. Joshi Image Attachments area Preview attachment unnamed.jpg Image unnamed.jpg Note:http://facebook.com/prathipatipaulraju Note: A. Assistance Need in Help the Poor and Old, Children, Women and Sick – Village Adoption P
    rojects of these, And Saying Gospel and Ethics in Bible to that People. B. It is Entirely depend Upon Free-Will – Offerings of men C.. Gospel Propagation to All Peoples
    Attachments area

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