Christians Without The Bible?

BanBible03The other day I was talking to an evangelist who told me that his church has decided to abandon several biblical commands because doing so would result in a great blessing and growth. I was both surprised and also pained to hear this.

We live in totally changed times. Till a generation ago people knew clearly that one cannot build a structure without a foundation. They also knew that each structure needs a foundation that is specific to that structure. This meant that a structure could not be built on a foundation which was meant for something else. This also meant that if a foundation were destroyed, the structure would automatically collapse. Such understanding was part of common sense and one did not have to explain it to anyone.

When it came to Christians, till a generation ago, they knew the above principle very well. In fact they knew it better than their non-Christian counterparts because the biblical foundation that they received at home and in Sunday schools was made up of a clear-cut explanation of biblical building blocks. However, something went very wrong in the world and also in the Christian sphere in the 1960s and 1970s. The outer manifestation of this change was the hippie movement, homosexual movement, abortion by choice movement, and live as you please movements that raised their heads formally and publicly during this period.

Once these changes came to the society, people started overlooking the simple fact that the foundation and the structure built upon it were integrally connected with each other and that the destruction of the foundation results in destruction of the structure. This is why now we have spiritual leaders who want to do away with the Bible but who feel that this will only enrich the church.

There are demands from all over that believers should be allowed to marry non believers, that church attendance should be considered optional, that baptism is no longer essential for participation in the Lord’s table, et cetera. There is also a demand from here and there that women should be allowed to teach men and also that women should be made part of the oversight of the church. Their argument is that taking such a “liberal” or “generous” attitude will liberate the church and will bring much unexpected blessing.

Six thousand years of history recorded in the Bible is not sufficient for them to realise that no spiritual blessing comes by violating the express and explicit commands of the Scripture. What man sees in his imagination is not always the truth. The best example is Eve who “saw” that the fruit was good for her in every way but forgot that her imagination was deceiving her. She also overlooked the fact that it would have been better for her to trust in the Lord than trusting in her human wisdom.

We keep hearing about a number of demands from all over that this command or that command of the Bible needs to be changed, or abandoned, or modified. These people are trying to be good Christians but without the Bible. If a massive structure is possible without foundation then it is possible to be a good Christian without the Bible.

You shall not surely die said the Devil. Accepting that lie always brings full death. Believers beware! (Dr Saneesh Cherian)

2 comments for “Christians Without The Bible?

  1. Warrington Chapman
    September 2, 2012 at 3:53 am

    My Brother Saneesh:

    I am in total agreement with your rebuttals to those world’s appeasing demands. My question is, When do we suspend God’s commands to serve Him? Could one drive a motor vehicle without fuel?

    In any case, we are to take warning and pay closer attention to those who desire to promote popularity over spirituality. I prefer to fellowship with a few fundamentally Bible believing Christians than a house filled to religious pleasing seekers.

    Let God be glorified in all that we do. He is still in control.

    May He bless your stand in the Gospel.

    Brother Warrington

    September 2, 2012 at 2:52 pm

    I have just published an article in a Chritian magazine on the same subject. It is as if we told each other about what to write on. May the good Lord save us. It has even eating deep into the fabrics of churches here in Nigeria.

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