Sister Annie is Suffering from Cancer

Prayer08USA: Annie (w/o Sam Shiju Philip, US) has been diagnosed with Peritoneal Ovarian cancer at an Advanced stage. Last week during a scheduled CT Scan she was detected to have enormous amount of fluid collection in her body, which was later removed, Doctors have found the cancer spread across the belly region.

Doctors have scheduled to start  her Chemotherapy treatment from tomorrow (May 3rd), She will be given an aggressive treatment including IV Chemo, and Peritoneal Chemo, after which a major surgery  will be required. The next 6 months is going to be extremely tough days for us, We need your earnest prayers for the following matters. Her body must respond to the Chemotherapy, Pray that she may experience Gods strengthening power in Body, Mind and Spirit.

Pray that the healing process may start and be fast Pray that the group of Doctors and staff team  that is treating her may be guided by God’s wisdom and Grace while administering the treatment, (Annie’s situation was a challenge for the Doc team as well)

Pray for our 3 daughters, 8th Grader (Karuna); 6th Grader (Harsha) and 4th Grader (AshaKiran) may receive courage and grace from God to face this situation. Their Faith may be made stronger in such time as this, and learn to rely of the heavenly Father for all their needs. Pray for God’s wisdom and grace for me to handle this situation, and to minister to her needs

Annie will be out of work for next 6 months, Pray that it may not have any adverse effect on both our Jobs

I must note that inspite of such trying times that we are facing, we definitely experience peace, and strength of heart, Thanks to the persistent prayers of believers around, Annie has been doing well so far, Today she had a small procedure as a preparation, Pray earnestly. (Sam S Philip)

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