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Verpad_022Issue 22 in Malayalam comes with a number of interesting articles. For a long period people have been teaching that there is a “Gap” between Genesis 1.1 and 1.2. In this issue we begin a series to show why this is a totally unbiblical outlook about the 6-day creation of the earth and life on it.


In this issue we also begin a series of the Gift of Tongues. The growth of tongue-promoting movements requires everyone to take a biblical and objective look at this subject.  Instead of denying that this is a spiritual gift, this series presents a Bible-based study on Tongues which will continue for several issues to come.
The Bible-quiz program has 60+ winners this time. You too can participate in it. From this issue we allow a loger time for submitting the answers to that those outside India can also participate. People from outside India are welcome to send their answers in PDF form to the editor via email.
The print copy of Verpad now goes to 3000 subscribers and this PDF issue goes to 10,000 subscribers worldwide. Be blessed by downloading and reading. Here is the direct download link:

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