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TheBrethren_23_300The Brethren (Verpadu in Malayalam language) combined have become the most widely circulated Assembly publication on the net. The combined PDF and print copies reach in excess of 50,000 readers worldwide. The high biblical quality of this publication is responsible for making it so highly popular.

The current issue touches upon the burning topic of Women’s Liberation which has now entered many Indian assemblies. Women have started demanding more freedom, and many misguided men have started advocating that women be inducted into the oversight of the assemblies.

The current issue of The Brethren looks at the subject from historical and biblical angle. Please get your download TODAY itself.


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  1. Adimulapu.Prabhakar
    May 22, 2016 at 1:28 pm

    Dear beloved bretheren and sister in christ,
    greetings to you in the name of our lord and saviour jesus christ,
    I am evangelist in bretheren assembly in ekalavya colony Markapur. Please pray for my ministry and my family. I am disable person Nature of disability ORTHO. Please pray for me. you are in our daily prayers. Acts 10;36
    yours brother in christ,

  2. Old Paths Publishing
    August 29, 2016 at 6:14 am


    A Selection of

    Articles and Questions & Answers

    Reprinted from Words in Season Magazine


    William H. Ferguson

    Published by Old Paths Publishing

    © 2016 eBook

    The 307-page eBook is available FREE in PDF format but without the Index of Scriptures & Topical Subject Index as found in hard copy

    Terms & Conditions apply.

    For a FREE copy of the eBook, please write to the Publisher at

    Mr William H. Ferguson’s written ministry has been a great blessing to many a reader of Words in Season, the magazine God used to declare the good old paths of His Word and the right way of the Lord. Words in Season is no longer in publication but its ministry lives on in this volume through the reprint of the articles of Mr William H. Ferguson and his answers in Q & A.


    Reprint of Articles by William H. Ferguson
    1.The Lord’s dealings with William H. Ferguson – 1
    2.Following in his footsteps – 2
    3.Insurance policy for eternity – 3
    4.Is your soul saved? – 5
    5.Ask for the old paths – 8
    6.How is it ye have no faith? 11
    7.The decay of faith – 14
    8.Delays in the path of faith – 17
    9.Steady – 21
    10.He stood – 24
    11.Proving God in trial – 26
    12.Children offered to Molech – 30
    13.Young children taken to Heaven – 35
    14.Christian evidences – the desire for true doctrine – 38
    15.Christian responsibility – 42
    16.Characteristics of an assembly of God – 46
    17.Reverence in assembly gatherings – 51
    18.Ministry in the assembly – 55
    19.A spiritual church in a material world – 59
    20.A spiritual tonic for any assembly – 63
    21.Appointing elders – 68
    22.Shepherding – 71
    23.Concerning them that seduce you – 74
    24.Christian simplicity – Our assembly life – 76
    25.Christian simplicity – Philip the evangelist – 79
    26.Christian simplicity – The business life – 81
    27.Divine principles of service – 84
    28.Divine principles in prayer – 90
    29.Fellowship in the Gospel – 92
    30.Now concerning the collection – 95
    31.The yielded life – A message for young believers – 99
    32.Conduct of young Christians in the assemblies – 103
    33.True Christian adornment – 107
    34.The Christian and pleasure – 110
    35.The course of this world – 114
    36.“The world’s fair” – 118
    37.Remnant testimony – 122
    38.Days of remnant testimony – 124
    39.The Godly family in the last days – 127
    40.At home – 131
    41.The home mission field – 135
    42.The evangelist – 137
    43.Pioneer work – 140
    44.After fifty years – 142
    45.The lonely life – 146
    46.knowing the will of God – 150
    47.The way of the Spirit – 153
    48.Filled with the Spirit – 156
    49.Men of wonder 158
    50.God’s nameless ones – 161
    51.Hard men – 166
    52.Esau men – – 170
    53.Away from God genders a hard spirit – 173
    54.The sin of evil speaking – 175
    55.The minding of the flesh – 179
    56.Satan and his wiles – 182
    57.Some tactics of Satan to discourage us – 186
    58.The ministry of comfort – 190
    59.The comfort of the apostle – 194
    60.Guarding the deposit – 197
    61.Our beloved Authorised Version – 200
    62.The Sword of the Spirit – 204
    63.Finishing the course – 207
    64.Writing your life – 209
    65.Robbers in the Church – 212

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