Bonsai and Our Children!!

imageBonsai is a great ancient art where people take plants that grow to very large sized trees and then stunt their growth. The tree ultimately becomes old, looks old, behaves like an old tree, but remains a pigmy in stature.

While such stunted trees look attractive, a similar arresting of spiritual growth has catastrophic results. The devil knows this, and therefore he has been promoting ideas and practices that stunt the inner spiritual growth of believers while the outer form remains that of a grown-up believer. The results are particularly catastrophic when it comes to you young people.

the last decade was a time when our churches have lost a large number of young people. They grew outwardly, but their inside was getting stunted. Let us arrest this trend in 2012 by doing the following things:

  • Let us make Family Prayer an essential activity, and also make it a time when everyone is able to enjoy the dynamics of spiritual fellowship. Let it not be a mechanical Bible-reading-prayer alone.
  • Let us put a full-stop to all malicious and critical conversation in front of our children. Let them not grow thinking that Christians are nothing except evil people.
  • Let us completely ban ALL printed material that attacks Bible, bible-doctrine, church, and Christians. Else children will grow thinking that everything in the Christian faith is evil. God forbid that from happening in our homes.
  • Let us present the positive aspects of the Christian faith to our children. Let them know that this is the most dynamic thing that is there in the world.

Let us break the shackles of spiritual bonsai from our children. Let us remove everything from our homes that have the power to either to stun their growth or to remove our children from Christian faith. [Dr. Saneesh Cherian, Chief Editor]

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2 comments for “Bonsai and Our Children!!

    August 24, 2012 at 12:16 pm

    how to grow in our spritual life life with god’s word which are given the bible ? i want to deliver from disease

  2. Y Sureshbabu
    September 1, 2012 at 10:53 am

    Bonsai and Our Children!! a good and needy message for all the real christian families. May God bless his people.

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