Verpad Issue 16 (Marriage and Divorce)


Now in its second year,  Verpadu has become the most popular Malayalm Brethren magazine with more than 3000 printed copies and more than 10,000 downloads every month. The magazine takes an unashamed stand for Brethren Distinctives. [Sandesham (Malayalam), Inspiration (English) are our 5M News Bulletin releasing every Monday and Thursday. The specialty of this bulletin is that you can read it within 5 minutes.].

Right from its inception, the magazine has taken a strong stand for Brethren Distinctives, and has been calling people to return to the fundamentals of life and faith. The response has been amazing, to say the least.

Over the last two years, the Verpad magazine has become a loud voice for the New Testament Pattern of faith and practice. Each issue is a collectors item. The current issue deals with the subject of Marriage and Divorce in a biblical, authentic, and authoritative manner. It is an issue worth repeated reading. Please download your copy by clicking the picture.

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